The Reiki Fellowship

Touching the World through Reiki

Reiki Sessions at the Shoreline Solarfest

The mission of the Reiki Fellowship is to support and promote Reiki practitioners and teachers in "Touching the World through Reiki."  In association with The Reiki Training Program, here are just some of ouraccomplishments over the past 7 years:

Finish off your day with a Reiki Soundscape experience, combining live music, drums, singing bowls and toning with the gentle hands-on healing energy of Reiki from practitioners in the Reiki Fellowship. 
Joining together as a group amplifies the intensity of intention for personal and global transformation. No prior experience of Reiki or sound healing required to attend. Here's a video clip from the last one. Videoscape held in the darker parts of the year. 
We hold Reiki Soundscapes at East West Bookshop and Embrace the Moon in Seattle.  View event schedule here.

Reiki Fellowship at the Duwamish River
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